I Make Things

Web Dev

Second Glass

About: secondglass.com is the website I wrote and have been maintaining for Second Glass. It supports the app, acts as a place where people can find wine events, and a to remember what they tried and liked. I also wrote and support an admin interface for wineries to keep their wine info up to date.

Collaborators: Anthony Roldan, Karl Schults

Context: Second Glass


About: Oystr is the current iteration of different methodologies I've tried for both getting tasks done AND saving money. Users maintain a to do list on Oystr where each task has a monetary value. When you complete to-do items that value is added to your spending allowance which can be used towards purchasing amazon.com wishlist items. All the money represented on Oystr is hypothetical. It's just a methodical way for you to work towards goals and incentivize yourself to get things done.

Collaborators: None

Context: Side Project

Someone Who Cares

About: Someone Who Cares is the result of a two evening hack session with my close friend RJ Zaworski. Next time we hack we're going to save the starving children in Africa or otherwise participate in social good. In the meantime- you don't want to say it but...

Collaborators: RJ Zaworski

Context: Side Project


About: After living with a few disparate systems including Housmate (see below) my roommates and I teamed up to write the end all be all in roommate management web apps. It managed our living expenses, allowed us to share meals, and helped us coordinate our outings. The code can be found on github

Collaborators: Anthony Roldan, Andrew Coats

Context: livewith.us


About: Housmate.com is the result of an effort to aid communication and trust between my housemates. It is a web app that allowed us to check in for dinner over the course of the day to encourage my housemates and me to eat together. The project stemmed from several smaller projects and various webapps that we used in my house to handle everything.

Collaborators: None

Context: Side Project


About: Budgesaur.us is a budget handling system for people who think about their discretionary funds on a daily allowance level. It takes advantage of Google's sign in system and GQL. It was a good chance for me to practice my graphic design skills, interaction design skills and general database design skills.

Collaborators: None

Context: Side Project


About:My portfolio is written in HTML and CSS. It's currently static but I have dreams of making it dynamic so updating is not so troublesome. Go ahead... open Firebug.

Collaborators: None

Context: Side Project

Mix It Make It

About: Mix it Make it was the result of a Startup Weekend hackathon sponsored by Women 2.0. My team of 8 included one other developer, one designer, a doctor, 2 marketers and an MBA. The concept is to present recipes in the way that many people search for them on the internet. That is- read 20 recipes, parse them for what the core of the recipe is versus what the unique ingredients per recipe are to build up a bigger picture view of what you are cooking.

Collaborators: Peterson Trethewey, Emilie Drumm

Context: Women 2.0 Startup Weekend

A Students Guide to France

About: I studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France the second semester of my junior year. While I was there I began to put together a site to help other students study abroad in France. It shows my early attempts at graphic design, css, and web programming.

Collaborators: None

Context: Olin College - Study Abroad

Ride The Last Car

About: After realizing that I was consistently riding the T in Boston with my friends on the same set of trains but not on the same train I tried to start a movement to get everyone I knew to ride the last car every time they rode the T. Unfortunately- subsequently my job moved to a location where I could ride my bike to work so momentum for the project dropped. I still think it's a good idea.

Collaborators: None

Context: Side Project

Mobile Dev

Second Glass iPhone App

About: Second Glass throws wine events all over the country aimed at getting more young consumers familiar enough with wines to choose to buy them. Remembering what wines you've tried over the course of an evening is hard when you've spent that whole event drinking. Second Glass's tech team and I wrote our first app for iPhone in Titanium Appcelerator in just three weeks. We are in the process of reworking this app and moving it over to native Objective C. All wines are entered before the event, so even the drunkest person can remember if they preferred that chardonnay. Second Glass's mobile technology is currently being licensed by other Wine Events like Pinot Days and Wines and Wishes.

Collaborators: Anthony Roldan, Karl Schults

Context: Second Glass

Second Glass Android App

About: After the success we saw with our iPhone app at events (1/4 of attendees rating 16 wines each) we moved development over to Android. This time we worked natively, as we had a bit more time to pick up and learn new technology. We've been deliberately maintaining two mobile codebases to preserve the user experience of each. With the introduction of the Android app, we've been able to collect wine ratings from just under half of all attendees at our events.

Collaborators: Anthony Roldan, Karl Schults

Context: Second Glass


Earth $aver Dorm Dongle

About: Prof. Ben Linder teaches a unique course at Olin that prepares students to make good design decisions for the future of our planet. The course teaches design based on making and understanding sustainable and eco-friendly choices. My team of three studied the environmental impact of desk lamps and then redesigned the product/experience to reduce the impact on the earth. This process included the use of Life Cycle Analysis as well as a broader view of the impacts of the activity of studying at night in college dorms. In our consumer products as with many that we studied in class energy was the largest contributor to the product's impact. Rather than redesigning a lamp specifically we chose to redesign the experience of using energy as a college student. The idea of a dorm dongle product system was the result of this impact research and user experience studies. I entered our Earth $aver Dorm Dongle idea into the Greener Gadgets competition sponsored by Core77 and was named as a "Notable Entry."

Collaborators: Sylvia Schwartz, Julia Buck

Context: Greener Gadgets competition sponsored by Core77

Mass Pike Tickets

About: This project was done in a team of four for Olin's User Oriented Collaborative Design course. The course is a unique one to Olin College involving the detailed study of a particular user group before the actual design of a useful product. My team studied tollbooth workers on the Mass Pike. At the end of the semester-long course we had redesigned the tickets used on the Pike for tracking prices. Team roles did not vary significantly between teammates on this project.

Collaborators: Joe Roskowski, Eric Munsing, Andrew Coats

Context: Olin College - User Oriented Collaborative Design

G2G Bracelet

About: As part of Professor Ben Linder's Design Lab at Olin, my team of two focused on using acquired design skills to enter a design competition sponsored by Ruckus Nation to design products for keeping kids 11-14 active. We used ideation, user interviews and the design process to develop a design of a real-time updating wrist band that could communicate with other wrist bands to help keep middle school kids active.

Collaborators: Simone Sequeira

Context: Big Idea Ruckus Nation

Toast Printer

About: The CNC Toast Printer was done in a team of three for Olin's Principles of Engineering course. The project requirements were the design and implementation of a mechatronic system involving a significant mechanical system and a significant electrical system. My role on this team was as a mechanical engineer. I designed in SolidWorks and headed up the manufacture of the mechanical half of the CNC toaster. This system had to be built within space constraints, withstand the torque of the stepper motors chosen, and fit with external components. I also participated in the design and implementation of the electrical and software systems involved in the CNC toaster

Collaborators: Joe Roskowski, Nick Hays

Context: Olin College - Principles of Engineering

The Cube

About: A project to redesign alarm clocks for students with varying schedules was done with a team of three for Olin's Product Design and Development Course. The goal of the course is to have teams of students bring a product through its development from idea generation to marketing. Phases of this project included user research, idea generation, prototyping, and investigation into manufacture.

Collaborators: Connor Riley, Andrew Coats

Context: Olin College - Product Design and Development


Ransom Scrabble

About: These pieces were cast from pieces in an original scrabble set. Letters were clipped from local newspaper ads and decoupaged onto the plaster pieces. When played with, the scrabble pieces resemble the letters in a ransom note. I'm currently trying new techniques of molding and casting to create better handmade scrabble tile blanks for custom artsy and language scrabble tile sets.

Collaborators: None

Context: Side Project

Dinosaur Snuggie

About: One day while shivering on my couch (because we all insist on keeping the heat as low as is humanly tolerable) I decided there was nothing for it but to cover every part of my body in blanket and thus was born my answer to the slanket. This particular project was the third attempt in the series which I made for my sister. It was hand designed and sewn by me.

Collaborators: None

Context: Side Project